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ncell sim

Ncell Company is on sale – Axiata leaving Nepal

They made the decision to leave Nepal because things were not going well for them to run Ncell.
The History of Google Android Version

Android Version with Name List | History of Google Android Verison to 2023

Discover the story of Android's growth, from its early versions to the latest updates. Learn about the changes, features, and improvements that have shaped this popular operating system, making it what it is today.
how to apply shram swikriti online in nepal

Apply Shram Swikriti Online in Nepal Easy Step-by-Step Process 2023

In this article, we covered these topics: Documents Required for Shram in Nepal, Online Shram Swikriti form, Shram Online Form, Online Shram Swikriti in Nepal, Shram Swikriti, Shram Swikriti Online Form, Online Shram Nepal, online shram form, online shram renew, saram in Nepal, how to check shram in Nepal, and many more including video tutorial
TikTok banned in nepal

TikTok Banned in Nepal – But still working in some Internet Service Provider network

Recently Nepal Government of Nepal Banned TikTok in Nepal. But in some Internet Service Provider Networks, it is still working.

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