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Nepal is widely growing in the digital era. Now every business is promoting their services and products on digital platforms and spending huge about of money on marketing and advertisement to reach the customer. We GadgetPatrika is well known and established to be your best mediator to be in touch with end-customer and we help you to grow your business.

Analytics Report of GadgetPatrika

  • Monthly page views: about 1 million.
  • Unique visitor monthly: 4,00,000.
  • More than 90% of visitors are from Nepal.
  • 60 Percent people of Age Between 20 - 45 years visit our site daily.

How to Collaborate with GadgetPatrika

  • Affiliate Marketing: We will mention your product or service through buy Links and promote it throw articles or videos.
  • Text Links: As per our advertisement agreements
  • Web Notification Marketing: We have more than 10,000 audiences in our push notification service.
  • Product or Service Review: We will cover your product or service related to our audience's interest and related to our niche.
  • Ads Space: Placement of your product and service banner, and sidebar ads on our site. we hall all kinds of services available and we do not rotate your ads to give you a 100% impression.

If you are interested and have any queries you can directly contact us through our email [email protected].