How to Apply for UK Seasonal Working Visa From Nepal in 2022 – Easy Process

Find all Information related to UK Seasonal Working Visa Process and Learn How To Apply for UK Seasonal Working Visa

Apply Seasonal Working Visa
Apply Seasonal Working Visa

If you are searching for a genuine site with all the step-by-step processes to apply for a seasonal working visa then you are in right place. You don’t have to pay any fee to apply for Seasonal Working Visa. I have seen lots of posts on social media, and people are asking for more than 10 lakh just for applying. Please read all information and do not skip any details. We have discussed each and every step from start to end.

As per the official Seasonal Working Visa, there is no official consultancy in Nepal. So please be aware of the scam. We have discussed here details information about UK seasonal working Visa and How To Apply for UK Seasonal Woking Visa From Nepal 2022.

Lets, Know About What is UK Seasonal Working Visa? The UK government issues Uk Seasonal Work Visa, commonly known as a temporary working visa, allowing individuals who wish to visit the country to work seasonally in horticulture under the sponsorship of an authorized scheme operator. A seasonal worker’s 12-month tenure of employment is limited to a maximum of 6 months.

You can go on a seasonal work visa to perform tasks like collecting fruits, vegetables, and flowers, agriculture, farming, and other jobs. The project has a horticultural component.

Documents Require for UK Seasonal Working Visa.

  • You Must have a Valid Passport which means that your passport must still be valid for at least six more months and have at least one blank page.
  • You must be over the age of 18.
  • No Educational documents are required. But You must know a little bit English language. Because the UK is an English country and if you face any problem during your working time, you can easily communicate with others and share your problems which makes you easy to adapt there.
  • UK Seasonal working visas do not require any work-related experience but if you have you will stand out of the crow and your CV will Be more powerful to higher you.
  • Some recruiter is asking for your CV and Cover Letter find Below How to create a CV and Cover letter for UK Seasonal Workin Visa.
  • You must present a bank statement proving that you have enough money in your account to cover your expenses for one month in the UK, or at least £1,270 (1,95,162 Nepali Rupee).
  • Your sponsor employer must issue you a certificate of sponsorship with details about your work description.

UK Seasonal Working Visa FEE or Charge

This UK Seasonal Working Visa Fee, you have to pay only if you got your seasonal working visa email after you applied. You Don’t Have to pay before processing. If anyone is asking for you then please be aware you might be scammed. UK Seasonal Woking Visa FEE is 259 Pound or around 40000 Nepali Rupees.

When UK Seasonal Working Visa Open?

In the UK, there are two seasons for farming. The initial hiring begins in March, and the second one, for a different season, begins in September or October. When you apply you will get back an email within 2 – 3 months if you are selected.

Documents you have to make ready before applying for UK Seasonal Working Visa.

  • Euro Standard CV ( check below to make a CV)
  • Cover letter
  • Scanned Copy of Passport.
  • Police Report (if applicable)

How to Apply For UK Seasonal Working Visa.

Now, Let’s begin with our topic How To Apply For UK Seasonal Working Visa in Nepal. All sites have different processes for applying, so for each site process scroll below. Here I have shared the standard process that will be used in all sites for individual sites scroll below.

  • Visit Site (the site link is given below) and Scroll down or find the contact page.
  • After you find their email, compose an email opening Gmail.
  • write their email into Gmail.
  • In the Subject write ” Seasonal Working Visa Scheme.”
  • Upload your created CV and Cover Letter.

Formate of Writing Email

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected] (this is a dummy email)
Subject: Seasonal Working Visa Scheme

Dear Sir/Madam,
Most respectfully, I am Sudarshan Gautam and want to apply for Seasonal Working Visa Scheme. I have gone throw your site and found that you are hiring International Seasonal Worker for farming-related work. I have worked on our family farm so a long time and have some knowledge about working on a farm. I eligible, hard-working, quick learner, and well-motivated candidate that matches your recruiting criteria.

I have attached my CV and Cover Letter. Please Find Below!

I am hoping for a positive response.

Yours Sincerely
Sudarshan Gautam

After sending an email you will get an automated email within minutes. Now, you have to wait for the final email from the company in which you will get the reference number for your sponsorship certificate.

If they decide to choose you, they will either call you or send you a letter in email with a sponsorship certificate.

Second Process After Getting UK Seasonal Working Visa Approval

After you get an email from the company that you have been chosen for UK Seasonal Working Visa, you have to do the following work.

  • Print your sponsorship certificate.
  • Book date for medical in IOM. You can book this via email ([email protected]) or by visiting the IOM office in Nepal.
  • Make your bank balance ready and mature for at least 28 days. Keep around 1400 pounds around Rs.2,50,000 Nepali rupees.
  • Do Health Insurance if applicable.
  • After all, documents are ready, Book VFS Global service and visit the office for your biometric and document submission. (VFS fee may vary but it will not exceed above 1 lakh.

Document You Need to Submit

When you apply for a UK Seasonal Work Visa, you must submit the following documents to VFS Office to UK Immigration.

  • Sponsorship certificate.
  • A valid Passport having 6 months validity is required with at least one blank page.
  • 1400 pound bank balance certificate please do not for to get the stamp of respective bank while taking amount certificate and statement. You won’t need to disclose your bank balance if your sponsor promises to handle your finances during the first month of your stay in the UK.
  • If your document is in the Nepali language do notarize.
  • You have to pay the visa application fee of around Rs. 40000 or 259 pounds.

If further documentation is needed, the home office may ask you for it.

After You successfully get your visa decision, you can collect your passport from VFS Office. Within 14 days of the work start date or as soon as your visa is valid, you can go to the UK. The rule is that you can stay for around six months. As soon as your visa is still valid, you can travel to the UK.

You Can’t do the following things while you are in Seasonal Working Visa Scheme.

  • You can’t switch your visa category, or take a permanent job.
  • You can’t do other jobs.
  • You can’t raise public funds.
  • You can’t take your family members.
  • After your visa period is finished you have to return back to Nepal. If you again want to go on Seasonal Working Visa you have to do all the processing from start again. There is no priority to getting the visa if anyone applies for a second time coming back to Nepal.
  • If you are found doing any illegal activities and not working correctly you may immediately be deported to your Home Country.

How to Make Cover Letter and CV for UK Seasonal Working Visa.

I have shared with you here sample to make a cover letter and CV for UK Seasonal Working Visa. If you know yourself how to make a cv and cover letter you can do it yourself. You can search on Google or Youtube.

Cover Letter For UK Seasonal Working Visa

Nepal 26th June 2022
Human Resource Manager,
AG Recruitment
United Kingdom
Respected Sir/Madam,

Herewith I sent an application letter, passport, and curriculum vitae in response to your advertisement on Facebook and website.

I have had an experience over the past 5 years as a farm worker. In that position, I am responsible for viticulture, horticulture, and agriculture.

I realize that your resume and curriculum vitae that I submit cannot explain my qualifications in-depth. Therefore, I hope there is a chance interview, in which I can explain how the potential in me and my ministry will give will be a tremendous asset.

Sudarshan Gautam

Download CV for UK Seasonal Working Visa

Top 4 Companies For UK Seasonal Working Visa

  • AG Recruitment and Management
  • Concordia Limited
  • Fruitful Jobs
  • Pro-Force

These are the top 4 companies for UK Seasonal Working Visa. Direct Visit these sites from the given links below be aware of the fake website otherwise you will lose your time and money.

AG Recruitment and Management

ag recruitment uk seasonal working visa
ag recruitment uk seasonal working visa

How To Apply For UK Seasonal Working Visa

  • To Apply for UK Seasonal Working Visa, Click Here.
  • Fill in your details.
ag recruitment uk seasonal working visa how to apply
ag recruitment uk seasonal working visa how to apply
  • After entering your all details tick on I Agree and Click on Apply Now Button. You will get a successful message.
  • You successfully applied.

How To Create Pan Card in Nepal

Concordia Limited

concordia uk seasional working visa
concordia uk seasional working visa

How To Apply For UK Seasonal Working Visa

Fruitful Jobs

fruitfuljobs uk seasional working visa
fruitfuljobs uk seasional working visa

Fruitful Jobs have lots of categories where you can apply such as Agriculture, Viticulture, Horticulture.

How to Apply For UK Seasonal Working Visa?

  • If you want to apply here click here.
  • You will redirected to the official company website.
  • You will find at the top email address “[email protected]”.
  • Compsoe email like above mention.
  • Upload you CV and Cover Letter.


proforce uk seasional working visa
proforce uk seasional working visa

Pro-Force have some option where can work and what kinds of jobs match you. They have different jobs opportunities like in agriculture, food production, horticulture, meat and poultry, distribution, driving.

To Apply

  • Click Here, you will redirected to contact page.
  • You will find email address and phone number 0333 335 6262 | [email protected]
  • Sent email with your CV and Cover Letter.

If you find this article usefull to you then share this article to your friends, family and other who are trying to apply for UK Seasonal Working Visa. Keep Safe and make aware. If you have any quieries related to working visa feel free to comment down.

How To Apply UK Seasonal Working Visa



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