Are you attempting to sell your outdated smartphone? Avoid making these errors.

It is not sufficient to only delete the data on the phone on a surface level.

Have you ever sold or traded your old smartphone for a new one? If so, you need to use extreme caution. As a single error can have severe consequences.

Your personal information on your outdated smartphone could end up in the wrong hands if you are even a little negligent. Such private information stored on obsolete phones can also be used as a tool for extortion and blackmail.

Selling or trading in an old phone without completely erasing the data on it is dangerous. Many users quickly erase their phone’s data before selling it. But avoid doing that. It is not sufficient to only delete the data on the phone on a surface level. The phone should be fully functional again. where the phone’s entire storage of info is fully erased.

The smartphone offers the factory reset option for this. You can erase all of your phone’s data by heading there.

You must first access the phone’s settings in order to factory reset any smartphone. Click on Reset after selecting Account and Backup from among the available options.

The factory reset option will then appear. Select that by tapping. The phone’s password must then be entered. All of the information on your phone will be erased if you do that.

The chance of your personal information getting into the wrong hands is eliminated if you completely wipe all the data from your phone before selling or exchanging it.


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