With a new feature coming to WhatsApp, messages can be sent and received even without an internet connection

The privacy of users when they connect through a proxy has also been considered.

To make using WhatsApp more convenient, a new function has been implemented. WhatsApp, a messaging program, will soon include a feature that will let users send messages even when there is no internet connection.

The business has made a function available that lets users connect via a proxy server and send messages. The process of exchanging messages continues, according to the BBC, even if there is a difficulty with the internet connection when WhatsApp is being used.

Even if the internet is blocked, people ought to be free to express their ideas and beliefs, claims WhatsApp. In an emergency, users will benefit from being able to communicate even without internet access, according to the business.

Additionally, the business asserted that secure communication is possible when users connect via a proxy server. The privacy of users when they connect through a proxy has also been considered. The business stated that “User messages will be exchanged through an end-to-end encryption system.”

When communications are exchanged in an end-to-end encryption module, they are completely removed from the system. Only message sending and receiving are possible.

With the capacity to communicate messages even without the Internet, WhatsApp will help individuals all across the world, said Oxylab, a proxy and online data collection company.


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